Outdoor LED Illuminated Poster Frame

Outdoor LED Illuminated Poster Frame

Illuminated posters and signage capture the attention of passersby at night. Our aluminum snap frame slim light boxes come in a variety of standard poster and sign sizes with matching profile widths.

These lighted wall display frames are weather sealed and lockable to protect displays from rain and vandalism. LED edge-lit lighting is guided through an etched acrylic light panel to evenly illuminate your posters.


The weather-resistant outdoor led illuminated poster frame is designed to capture the attention of passersby. Its acrylic or aluminum frames maintain a simple elegance that highlights the artwork displayed. Its backlit film prevents the image from appearing washed out, retaining vibrant colors and rich blacks. Choose a model with a rubber gasket to keep moisture out and dry air in.

Our best-selling 22 x 28 snap frame light box features a thin 1.38″ wide frame aluminum profile, which takes up minimal wall space. Its classic mitered corners and silver finish offer a stylish, attractive sign frame desirable for many exterior environments. It also meets ADA standards with its non-glare protective poster overlay.

Changing posters or signs is quick and easy with this lockable lightbox. Its stainless steel spring clips, which act as hinges, allow the frame sides to snap open by hand. This allows you to easily front-load your new backlit graphic and replace the PET-G lens cover without removing the frame from its mounting location.

This locking display is ideal for high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports and other public spaces. Its robust design outdoor led illuminated poster frame makes it durable and easy to clean. It is also vandal proof and waterproof. With an inner rubber gasket, this lockable lightbox is a great choice for locations in harsh weather conditions.

Easy to change posters

Illuminated poster frames have an easy-to-access, front-opening design that allows for quick changes. The frame locks open with an Allen key and the poster can be inserted or changed without removing the entire unit from the wall. They also feature a hidden opening for rigid graphics, which eliminates the need to remove the frame from its mounted position. This makes them ideal for movie theater posters and other high traffic areas.

The lighted poster frames are popular in malls, entertainment venues, casinos, and other public spaces. They consume less energy and last five times longer than fluorescent light boxes, making them the perfect choice for outdoor signage and advertising applications. They are also lightweight and durable enough to withstand the elements, which makes them an excellent choice for use in shopping centers, airports, transit stations, and other public locations.

Lighted poster frames come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are great for attracting attention at night and in low-light conditions. They are also a great option for museums, theaters, and public places that need to change posters frequently.

These thin LED lightbox frames have a 1.38” wide aluminum profile and a durable silver anodized finish. They can be displayed in both portrait and landscape orientation. They are ADA compliant and include an optional dimmer, which can be plugged into the back of the display and adjusts from dark to maximum lux.

Easy to install

Prominently display a product detail or alert people to an important piece of information using this Outdoor LED Illuminated Poster Frame. It is IP56-certified weather resistant, lockable and has an LED feature that makes it waterproof and brightly lit day and night – ideal for displaying movie posters outside cinemas! It also has easy-to-maintain, low-energy bulbs.

The lockable poster display case is made of sturdy materials and is a great option for showcasing large-scale posters, graphics, announcements, and more in public spaces. The LED lighting is positioned along the top of the case to create a spotlight effect and draw attention to your poster or graphic. It also has an anti-glare PET poster cover to prevent damage to your image and ensure it is well-lit.

Unlike traditional frames, this lockable poster display case doesn’t need professional installation. It comes with nylon line hanging kits, which allows you to hang your light box in a variety of locations. It is also available in three standard poster sizes and each one comes pre-wired with internal lights.

This wall mounted LED illuminated snap frame is an excellent choice for commercial, organizational, and institutional presentations in restaurants and bars, retail department led light box sign stores, transportation stations, visitor centers, corporate offices and facilities, museums, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, government agencies and military bases. It has a thin 1.38” wide profile and attractive silver finish. The classic mitered corners are aligned and angled for a sleek, modern look that looks smart anywhere it’s installed.


Illuminated posters and graphics attract attention in nighttime settings, capturing the eye of passersby. However, these displays can quickly use up electricity if their bulbs are not replaced regularly. Fortunately, this problem can be avoided by using LED or backlit poster light boxes that are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than fluorescent ones. These LED light box designs use lights along the edge of the frame that illuminate the poster from outside in, and their bulbs can last for over 100,000 hours. These lights are also thinner than those in fluorescent light boxes, so they will save money on electricity bills.

These lightboxes are available in many sizes to accommodate varying signage needs, including the popular 22×28, 24×36, and 30×40 frame size options. They can be wall mounted or freestanding. They can also be lockable to prevent tampering and vandalism. This makes these LED lighted frames the ideal solution for busy public and workspace areas.

The LED light panel has an etched matrix acrylic grid that guides the cool white illumination across your posters. Its narrow aluminum profiles take up minimal space on walls, allowing them to fit in with modern environments. They are also easy to change when needed, since the poster can be slid into the frame and then snapped closed. This type of sign frame can be used in all kinds of environments, including corporate offices and facilities, restaurants, museums, financial institutions, hotels, entertainment venues, government agencies, and armed forces bases.

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