Digital Menu Board Manufacturers

Digital Menu Board Manufacturers

Whether in-store or at the drive-thru, digital menu boards help you make the most of the limited time customers spend looking at your menu. They can also help you boost sales and brand engagement.

Using a menu board with an LED screen is the best way to communicate special offers and promotions. It can also help you reduce food waste by highlighting extra items.


A digital menu board can help increase upselling opportunities by highlighting high-margin items, combos and add-ons. Moreover, it can also display promotions and seasonal items. This way, customers can easily explore and understand the menu offerings, resulting in faster decision-making and a better customer experience.

A good digital menu board can even be integrated with queue management systems, displaying estimated wait times or order numbers. This can reduce frustration and improve the flow of traffic in busy restaurants. It can also display the names of customers who are ordering for pick-up. This feature will allow the staff to welcome them by name and make a more personal experience for the customers.

A good digital menu board can also be a marketing tool, showcasing the company’s history, values and sourcing of ingredients. It can even promote events and special offers for its customers. Using eye-catching visuals and dynamic content, it can create an interactive experience that will influence impulse buys and elevate the brand image. It can even showcase local news and community engagement to attract more guests.


In today’s fast-paced world, delivering unparalleled convenience is top of mind for service-focused businesses. Digital menu boards offer a unique way to meet this need. They can help reduce perceived wait times and enable a variety of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Additionally, they can provide led menu board manufacturers real-time information about an order’s status. This makes them ideal for c-stores, retail petroleum sites, grocery stores, and quick serve restaurants.

Using digital menu boards to promote high-margin items, combo offers, and add-ons is an effective way to increase average order value. With eye-catching visuals and strategically placed calls to action, these displays can prompt impulse purchases and boost sales during slower periods.

Digital menu boards also allow for easy updating. They can display real-time pricing and menu updates without the cost and waste associated with printed menus. They can also include features such as nutritional information, allergen warnings, and a search function. This allows customers to explore the menu and find what they’re looking for quickly. This enhances the customer experience and improves brand loyalty. Moreover, they can be easily managed remotely from a central location, allowing franchisors to ensure consistency across locations.


Adding animation to your digital menu board can add an engaging dimension to your presentation. The animation can draw the attention of your audience to certain items that you want to highlight in a way that text alone cannot. For instance, if you have specials that you want to highlight, an animated message can be an excellent way to do so.

Another benefit of a digital menu board is that you can change the content as often as you like. This can help you to keep your customers engaged, especially if they are regulars at your restaurant. It can also help you to introduce new items that may appeal to your customers.

In addition to these benefits, a digital menu board is easy to install and operate. It requires no complicated hardware and software, and can be managed from any location with an Internet connection. It also uses up to one-third less energy than front-lit menu systems. Its low voltage Light Emitting Diodes fabric backlit box (LED) panels interconnect in a daisy chain fashion, eliminating the need for multiple electrical cords and saving you money.


When choosing a digital menu board, quick-service restaurants must consider a variety of factors. They must be mindful of their overall objectives and goals and develop content strategies that align with them. They must also establish maintenance protocols and partner with experienced technical support providers to ensure consistent performance.

Digital menu boards offer many benefits, including improved branding and promotional opportunities. These features help restaurants attract and retain customers, increase revenue, and improve their brand image. In addition, these systems reduce food waste by reducing the need for printed menus and posters.

While digital menu boards are becoming more common, some restaurants struggle to get the most out of them. Often, they use outdated software and are unable to create engaging content for their customers. Using a digital menu board that integrates with a restaurant’s mobile platform and allows real-time updates can help restaurants maximize their potential. In addition, a digital menu board can track customer analytics to inform future marketing decisions. This can include analyzing what products are best for upselling, cross-selling, or promoting to specific audience segments.


Digital menu boards offer businesses the ability to highlight a variety of product offerings in an organized and attractive way. This helps customers to make decisions quickly and effectively. The menu board also allows business owners to upsell and cross-sell their products, which can result in higher revenue.

One way to customize your menu board is to use original images of your food items. This can help you avoid copyright infringement. Additionally, using original images can make your menu look more professional and attractive.

Another way to enhance your menu board is by integrating social media feeds or promotional content. This can make your menu more engaging, which can boost customer satisfaction and increase sales.

The Howard Company offers several different indoor digital displays to suit any restaurant’s needs. These can be placed in any orientation and can be updated at any time. They can also be customized to include motion graphics and vibrant colors. They also come with a number of different font styles and sizes, which makes them easy to read from a distance.

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