The Slim LED Light Box Sign

The Slim LED Light Box Sign

The slim light box is designed to offer full visibility and enhance the colors and prints of your graphics. It has LED lighting that illuminates your poster to catch the attention of customers and passersby.

The frame is less than 1” thick and almost lays flat on the wall. It also features snap-open edges, which make graphic changes easy and quick.

Easy to assemble

Lightbox signs are a powerful tool for businesses to improve visibility and foot traffic. They feature an attractive, contemporary design that draws attention and can be displayed in a variety of environments. However, it is important to choose the right sizing for the sign based on its height and design to ensure maximum legibility and impact.

Choosing the correct materials and tools is crucial to creating a professional-grade lightbox. The display must be constructed from quality materials, such as acrylic sheets and plywood or aluminum backing to provide structural support. It must also be properly mounted to a wall or other surface. Lastly, the lighting system should be carefully installed to ensure uniform illumination.

To assemble a lightbox, first prepare the graphics or posters for display. This can be done by printing and slim led light box sign cutting out the appropriate shapes or transferring existing vinyl or painted letters and graphics to the acrylic sheet. The lettering and graphics must be clear to make them visible. To avoid air bubbles, it is important to apply thin coats of paint and allow them to dry in between layers.

Next, mount the PVC backplate to the frame using screws or dowels. Finally, attach the power cable to the backplate and secure it to the wall or other surface.

Easy to change graphics

A light box is the ideal way to get your brand or message noticed. It’s bright enough to catch the eye of any passing pedestrian and is perfect for outdoor use. It also has a long lifespan and requires less maintenance than other forms of display signage.

LED light boxes come in a range of shapes and sizes, so they’re suitable for any business. They can be mounted on walls or can stand freely on their own. They’re a great choice for scrolling light box retailers, malls, and other commercial businesses that need to attract attention.

Another advantage of LED lightboxes is their easy-to-change graphics. These displays are ideal for retail stores and restaurants, where you can update the signage as frequently as needed. You simply have to unsnap one frame, snap in another and you’re done. No need for specialized tools.

LED light boxes feature an ultra-slim 3” profile and are ADA compliant. These lighted display frames utilize LED edge-lit lighting that is low voltage and provides a bright, crisp visual effect. They can be backlit with a wide range of color temperatures. They’re a versatile alternative to traditional posters and signs that can be used for branding, design, or advertising. Contact a Tec Art sales professional for custom sizes, logo engraving or special projects and larger quantities.


In addition to being a great way to draw attention to your message or artwork, the slim light box sign is also durable and energy efficient. It is made of aluminum material and uses LED lighting to illuminate your display, which will not only increase the visibility of your graphics but will also save you money on your electricity bill. This type of sign is ideal for a variety of uses, including retail points of purchase, art galleries, museums, sports venues, shopping malls, and more.

Illuminated frames and posters are a great way to attract customers in crowded areas, and these lightweight LED lightboxes will ensure that your posters are always visible. They are designed with your convenience in mind and feature a sleek snap frame design that makes it easy to change graphics without removing the entire panel from the wall. The durable construction of these display panels means that you can use them in high-traffic areas for a long time.

The thin LED panel is a great choice for Duratrans and backlit film prints and offers brighter illumination with less power consumption than traditional screen panels. It is also lightweight and made right here in the US. Replacing graphics is quick and easy – just remove the acrylic front panel, insert a new one, and plug in the electric cable into a 120v receptacle.


Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or entice passersby to your business, light box signage can make all the difference in foot traffic and sales performance. Embraced by brands from Universal Studios to Lenscrafter, lightbox advertising displays enthrall consumers and foster intrigue, fueling foot traffic and brand reach at brick-and-mortar locations.

While LEDs may have a higher initial cost than neon signs, they save on energy and maintenance costs in the long run. Additionally, LEDs have a sleek, premium appearance that evokes a sense of luxury and exclusivity, making them ideal for upscale retail and high-impact presentations. Moreover, they can be easily updated with new graphics, unlike neon signs.

Using high-efficiency LED chips and advanced thermal management technologies are pivotal to reducing the energy footprint of lightbox signage. These technologies enable manufacturers to achieve energy efficiency certifications while maintaining optimal luminosity. Further, implementing lean manufacturing practices and leveraging automation reduces energy use by optimizing workflow and eliminating waste. Additionally, forward-thinking manufacturers are integrating renewable energy sources to further cut their carbon footprint and align with global sustainability goals.

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