3 in 1 Moving Head Light Maintenance Tips

3 in 1 Moving Head Light Maintenance Tips

A three-in-one moving head light is a versatile lighting solution that can transform any stage or event. They can change colors, display gobos, and create other cool effects to add excitement to an event.

This type of lighting solution has become a popular choice for event planners and lighting professionals. However, regular maintenance can ensure its optimal performance.


This dj lighting machine has a lot of features to make your event unique. Its rotational components permit light emissions to be projected all around your scene, making it perfect for any kind of occasion. Its DMX innovation also implies you can program it to suit your needs.

It is easy to use and has a 16 million color touch screen display. It is compatible with AC voltage ranging from 110 to 240 volts. It can be configured according to the voltage requirements of different countries. It uses a three-phase motor and high-quality OSRAM 350W bulbs. It is easy to transport and can be operated with a stand-alone, master/slave, or RDM control system.

The 3 in 1 moving head light is designed to work 5 in 1 spotlight as a beam, spot, and wash fixture. Its rotating components allow it to be directed in any direction and can be adjusted to focus or zoom in on a specific area of your scene. It also has multiple effects, including frost filters and prisms, which can create a spectacular effect on your venue.

This multifunctional LED moving head beam spot & wash light can be used for numerous purposes, from bar, dance halls, night clubs, to large stages and concert venues. It features a high-brightness 380W CMY color mixing engine and a wide range of color options.


Moving head lights are widely used by lighting designers to produce a wide range of different effects. They can be used to highlight different areas or elements of the stage, or to create movement and dynamism. They can also be used to change the color and intensity of light output. This versatility makes them popular with performers and other lighting professionals.

These devices are typically operated with a remote control, which is used to control their movements. They use motorised mechanisms to pan and tilt, and internal electronics to adjust intensity, colour, and other parameters. They can also be controlled via the DMX protocol to synchronise with music or other performance elements.

There are three types of moving head lights: beam, spot, and wash. Beam and spot LED moving heads have sharper edges than wash lights, and are therefore suited to highlighting specific areas or subjects. They can be customised with features like zoom, iris control, and interchangeable gobos to create different lighting effects. Wash LED moving heads produce a more broad wash of light, and are ideal for illuminating large areas or creating smooth colour gradients. They can be customised with features like a rotating octahedral prism, and are suited to highlighting larger objects or surfaces.


LED moving head lights are a staple in modern stage lighting, providing stunning visuals and effects. But, they need regular maintenance to keep them working at their best. Whether you’re using them for an event or a nightclub, these fixtures can create epic lighting and make your show or party the talk of the town for months to come. In order to get the most out of your LED moving head lights, follow these maintenance tips.

The EPR 250W 3in1 Moving Head Beam Light is a great choice for illuminating the stage and performers with sweeping beams of light. Its broad 540deg horizontal rotation range and precise angle adjustments of just 2.11deg per step are perfect for creating a variety of different effects. It also excels at focusing the light where you need it.

It’s important to keep in mind that the moving head light may not work properly if there are problems with the motor or power supply. If the pan or tilt does not move, it could be a sign of a broken belt. This can be fixed by reprogramming the light or replacing the motor.

Another important tip is to keep the moving head lights away from humid or hot places. These conditions can damage them quickly and shorten their lifespan. To avoid this, it’s essential to store them in a cool and dry place.


The 3 in 1 moving head light is an extremely versatile lighting fixture that is often used for stage performances and other events. These lights can be controlled by a technician on a lighting console to create complex and colorful effects. They are also very easy to use and can save space and energy. They can also be easily integrated into existing systems. The movement and speed of the beams can be varied, and the color and gobo projections can be altered through the use of gels or filters.

While there are many differences between the different types of LED moving heads, they all LED Strobe Mobile Light share some similar features. For example, beam and spot LED moving heads have sharper edges, while wash LED moving head lights are softer. They are also designed to be easily synchronized with other lights in the same system.

380w waterproof three in one DMX LED moving head light with hybrid beam spot and wash effect. It is suitable for large stage, concert and event places. It is equipped with 17+open gobo wheel and 8/16 facet prism+colorful prism. Support DMX 512,RDM,Master/Slave and auto 3 control modes.

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