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3 in 1 Moving Head Light

BEAM moving head lights are a versatile lighting solution that can create the perfect ambiance for any event. They are also easy to install and require no major maintenance. This makes them a great choice for DJ parties, stage events, and more.

These lights are equipped with a variety of modes, including DMX/master-slave/auto operation. They can be controlled by a console and offer impressive visual effects.

High-brightness LED light source

Moving head lights are a popular choice for stage lighting, as they offer a wide range of effects. They can produce different beam angles, colors, and patterns, and they can also be synchronised to create dynamic designs. They are often used in concert productions, theaters, and dance performances.

In addition to their versatility, these lights are also energy-efficient and require less maintenance. They use LED technology, which means they’re more durable and offer a higher lifespan than other types of lighting. They’re also easy to control via DMX or a remote.

The 3 in 1 LED moving head light is a powerful stage lighting fixture that can be used as a spot, wash, or beam light. It has a high-brightness LED light source, a zoom range of 6-35 degrees, and a variety of effects. Its gobos and prisms are also removable, making it easy to customize the appearance of the fixture. It can be controlled by a DMX controller, and is available in several control modes, including DMX 512, master-slave, and sound activated. It also features a temperature protect function, which ensures the unit won’t overheat.

CMY color wheel

The CMY color wheel used in the 3 in 1 moving head light allows for greater versatility and functionality than traditional color wheels. It uses a subtractive model, mixing Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow in varying intensities to produce a wide range of colors. It is also very energy-efficient and has a low power consumption, making it ideal for large stage events and tours.

The CMY model also makes it possible to create subtle shades and transitions that can be difficult to achieve with traditional lighting systems. This flexibility is particularly important for theatrical productions, where lighting cues are often intended to create a mood or evoke emotional responses.

The 360w LED CMY CTO beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light is an innovative solution that has taken the industry by storm since its launch. This product has gained popularity among lighting professionals, event planners, and lessors. For those interested in incorporating this versatile fixture into their staging equipment, 3 in 1 moving head light contact BLUE SEA LIGHTING for rates and availability. The company is a leading wholesaler and lessor of high-performance lighting solutions.

DMX control

DMX control is a system of digital signal transmission that allows you to control multiple lighting devices from a single master controller. Unlike analog systems, which require each light fixture to have its own dedicated wire, DMX can communicate with multiple devices on a single wiring bus, known as a daisy chain. In its simplest form, each device on the chain is addressed by the controller using a dip switch.

Generally, a single DMX cable stage light manufacturer can manage up to 32 devices/lights. If you need to add more, you can use a DMX splitter (also called a DMX opto-split or DMX repeater) to split the data line into multiple lines.

DMX is often used in theatre and other entertainment settings, but it has also become popular for commercial lighting projects, including stadiums and arenas. The technology is capable of controlling many different LED lights and effects, and it has a number of advantages over traditional analog systems. It is also easy to install and operate. This makes it a great option for small-scale events and installations.

Pattern plate

Whether the lighting is used for concerts or TV productions, it sets the mood, ambiance, and message communicated by the event. As such, lighting professionals and event planners are constantly seeking new lighting solutions that deliver greater flexibility and performance.

The 360w LED CMY CTO beam spot wash 3in1 moving head light is an ideal solution. Its high-brightness LED light source power ensures that the stage is well-lit, while its CMY effect palette and color wheel allow for endless possibilities for customization. Moreover, its control features provide a smooth operation throughout the production. Lastly, its fixed image disk feature allows users to add graphic visuals to the performance, ensuring that the audience can experience a more immersive and memorable show.

The X-Y-Z 540deg pan and 270deg tilt movement of this moving head provides more controlled movement for lighting designers who seek to heighten the audience’s experience. In addition, its built-in bidirectional rotating pluggable GOBO disc and double prism effect enrich the pattern projection effects. Moreover, its 16bit dimming technology and powerful RDM control ensure a stable and efficient operation.

Fixed image disk

Lighting is an essential part of any production, determining the mood, atmosphere, and message. Lighting professionals are always looking for new ways to enhance their shows with innovative lighting solutions. The 360W LED CMY CTO Beam Spot Wash 3in1 Moving Head Light provides a wide range of possibilities for lighting designers.

The MOKA SFX 350w 3-in-1 moving head beam lights can be used in a variety of spaces and offer a stunning display that will leave your audience stunned. These DMX lighting devices have impressive features and offer an easy-to-use interface. This means that you can easily program your light show to suit any theme or event.

This moving head is equipped with two gobo wheels (13 pluggable patterns with pattern rainbow effect) and one fixed image disk with 11 fixed gobos plus white light. It also has a bidirectional rotating pluggable prism and adjustable atomization effect. Its powerful motor offers high-speed rotation and a wide field of view, which makes it perfect for use in large venues. It also has a 540deg pan and 270deg tilt.

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