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3 in 1 Moving Head Light

3 in 1 moving head light offers impressive control features to help technicians create stunning lighting effects for performances and events. The lighting fixture allows for a wide variety of effects and offers the option to be controlled via DMX.

Hybrid moving heads utilise energy-efficient LED technology, providing an extensive color range and customizable effects while minimizing power consumption. However, they require regular maintenance to keep the fixtures clean and working properly.


Beam moving head lights are a staple in the world of live performances and events. They offer many benefits, including precise control and versatility. They are also durable and long-lasting. They are designed with durability in mind and are manufactured by companies that focus on the customer.

They can be used as spot or wash lighting and come with a wide variety of effects and features. These can include prisms, frost filters, gobos, and more. You can control them via DMX, standalone, master-slave, or RDM. Moreover, they are easy to install and operate, making them an excellent choice for event venues.

Unlike traditional lighting equipment, hybrid moving heads offer dynamic movement capabilities. This feature allows you to create a more captivating and immersive visual experience for your audience. These movements can be smooth and graceful or fast-paced and dramatic. This will add a level of energy and excitement to your performance, increasing the impact of your show and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Additionally, hybrid moving heads can switch between spot and wash mode seamlessly. The spot mode produces a sharp and focused beam of light, perfect for highlighting specific objects or performers on stage. The wash mode produces a wider and more even spread of light, ideal for creating ambiance and illuminating large areas.


A LED moving head light creates a dynamic visual display, used by many stage lighting designers, club owners and mobile DJ artists. They have a range of 3 in 1 moving head light features including gobos, colors and effects. They can also be synchronized with music to enhance the performance of the show. The 350W 3 in 1 dj moving head light is an excellent choice for a variety of applications, including rock concerts, theater performances and club events.

In addition to providing an eye-catching visual effect, these lights can be set up in small spaces with ease and are great for use at home or commercial parties. Most have a high-speed three-phase motor and an intelligent temperature control system that ensures optimal performance. The LEDs in these lights are a good quality and provide bright, long-lasting light.

The three main types of moving head light are wash, spot and beam. Each type of light produces a different effect, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, wash lights highlight a larger surface area and are ideal for stage productions or party venues. Spot lights, on the other hand, produce a tight beam of solid light that can be focused on a single object or person.

These lights are perfect for highlighting objects, and the most powerful ones come with an array of gobos and patterns that allow you to change the appearance of your lighting. They also have a strobe function, which can be used to add an extra element of energy and excitement to your performance.


This high-power LED moving head beam spot wash 3 in 1 is suitable for a wide variety of use cases. It can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on the availability of space. It also has two prism wheels, a can-prism overlap, and positive and negative rotation to allow for a wide range of effects.

While beam and spot moving heads produce narrow and focused beams of light, wash lighting produces a broad wash of light that’s perfect for illuminating large spaces. This type of lighting is popular among stage designers because it can create a wide variety of lighting effects and is ideal for creating a stunning visual effect on stage. The softer edges of wash lights also make them more versatile than other types of moving head lights.


A hybrid is a vehicle that uses both an electric motor and a gas engine to provide power. It achieves better fuel efficiencies and produces less harmful emissions than conventional gasoline-only vehicles, moving head beam making it an excellent choice for drivers looking to save money at the pump.

A typical hybrid vehicle will have a battery pack that stores electricity for use by the electric motor. It will also have a generator that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy to help recharge the battery pack. The electric motor will then drive the car’s wheels via the electricity generated by the generator.

The electric motor provides immediate torque, which makes the vehicle more responsive and a joy to drive than traditional cars. The system also helps reduce noise and vibrations inside the cabin. In addition, it is possible to switch between driving modes to maximize performance and efficiency.

Hybrids are ideal for city driving, as they’re more effective at reducing emissions and saving fuel during stops, coasting, and idling periods. Some of these vehicles even have regenerative braking, which captures the energy lost when you brake or coast and stores it in the battery.

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