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3 in 1 Moving Head Light

BEAM moving head lights are made with durability in mind. They last longer than other lighting devices, making them a great investment. They also consume less energy than other light sources.

Hybrid moving head lights are an essential element of stage performances, concerts, and events. Keeping them in optimal working condition requires a regular cleaning and inspection routine.

1. High-brightness LED

3 in 1 moving head light uses high-brightness LED, which provides excellent performance and long lifespan. It can be controlled by DMX 512, master-slave, sound activated and auto operation. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and set up. It can be used for many different applications, such as dance halls, theaters, and houses of worship.

There are several types of 3 in 1 LED moving head lights available on the market. They all offer a unique lighting effect, but they differ in some key features. For example, beam lights produce narrow and concentrated light beams, while wash lights create a wide and even wash of light.

MOKA SFX 350W three-in-one moving head computer light has prism automatic adjustment function, LCD 16million color touch TFT interface, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. It can be placed horizontally, slanted and upside down. It also has a rotating octahedral prism, bi-directional rotation and adjustable rotation speed to enrich the pattern projection effect. Besides, it is made of high-quality OSRAM bulbs and has a temperature protect function.

2. Easy to control

Featuring a rotatable octahedral prism and bidirectional rotating pluggable gobo disc, this 3 in 1 moving head light offers high-precision rotation and zoom angle control. It supports DMX and RDM control, with a powerful control software. Its intelligent protection system 3 in 1 moving head light ensures safe operation. It can be used in night bars, clubs, events and other entertainment venues.

Moving heads are a sought-after lighting fixture, used to create dynamic and versatile designs for stage performances, concerts and events. They have motorised mechanisms for adjusting movement and positioning, as well as internal electronics that allow them to receive control signals from a lighting controller, such as a dimmer or console.

There are several types of moving head lights available, with each offering unique functionality and features. Spot moving heads produce narrow beams of light that can be adjusted for size and sharpness, while wash moving heads offer a broad, even wash of light. Hybrid moving heads combine both spot and wash features, allowing for greater versatility in lighting design. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional lamp-based lighting fixtures.

3. Durable

Designed to deliver punchy beams that are sure to stun your audience, this 350W 3 in 1 moving head light will surely take your event to the next level. You can use this lighting machine in fashion shows, theatres, concerts, and other special events that require stunning visual effects.

This lighting device comes with a hybrid spot and wash functionality, making it ideal for various stage light manufacturer stage events. It also has a wide color range and can create smooth color gradients. It is also energy-efficient, thanks to its LED technology.

Moreover, this light is easy to install and comes with a powerful motor, allowing it to move around easily. This makes it a popular choice for DJs, stage performers, and event production companies. It is also weather-resistant, ensuring that it will be able to perform even in harsh conditions. This means that you won’t have to worry about your lighting setup failing in the middle of your show due to unexpected rain or storm.

4. Portable

With its ability to produce a range of lighting effects, a 3 in 1 moving head light can be used for various purposes. It can be a spot light, wash light, or beam light and is ideal for concerts, nightclubs, theatres, houses of worship, or any event that requires dynamic lighting. Its motorized pan and tilt functions can be controlled by DMX, making it easy to create a variety of different lighting designs.

You can also control the intensity of the light using its built-in dimmer and color wheels. The dimmer can be adjusted to produce smooth fades and other special effects. The color wheels can be used to alter the tone of the light, giving it a more dramatic effect.

Choosing the right lighting is essential for any stage performance. Choosing a high-quality moving head light can take your events up a notch and make them look more professional. This versatile lighting fixture can also help you save space and energy. And because it is lightweight and compact, it can easily be transported.

5. Versatile

From theatrical productions to concerts, the right lighting can create an immersive experience for both performers and audiences. From creating suspenseful atmospheres to simulating cheerful days, dynamic lighting enables stage designers to transform any venue and bring performances to life.

To help you achieve the perfect ambiance, this 3 in 1 380W CMY CTO beam spot wash light provides a range of functions and features. It includes a wide array of color options without the need for gels and offers an impressive color temperature control. Additionally, it is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, contributing to lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.

It is a versatile professional moving head light that combines beam, wash, and gobo effects, making it ideal for any occasion. Its 380W Philips bulb engine delivers sharp beams with an exceptional lighting distance, while its 11 fixed and 7 open gobos and 8-facet prism allow for limitless creativity. The light also offers motorized zoom, enabling you to control the focal point based on your scene requirements. This ensures that your gobo projections are crisp and clear, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

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