LED Strobe Mobile Light

LED Strobe Mobile Light

Powered by a 10 Watt LED, this strobe light draws less current than other models and does not generate heat. This makes it safe to touch even after extended periods of time.

Strobe lights are used to alert other drivers of potential hazards. They are especially useful in situations where audible alerts are not possible or desired.


Strobe lights are at the core of any serious studio photographer’s kit, largely because they’re powerful and cheap. But as LED technology advances, strobes are being replaced by constant lights that have more features and less flicker. This video from Adorama shows portrait photographer Emily Teague swapping her strobes out for LEDs and showing what she can do with them.

The key difference is that LED lights don’t use as much power. This means they can operate for hours 3 in 1 moving head light without overheating like a conventional bulb would. In addition, they are cool to touch after being on for long periods. This is a huge benefit, especially when working with a model and can be a big safety feature in hazardous environments.

Another great advantage of an LED strobe light is that it can be used as a continuous light by simply changing the flash mode to constant on. This feature makes it an excellent option for directional and rim lighting. Many of these lights also have a built-in modeling light, which can be useful for setting the color temperature and providing accurate skin tones in the subject.

Strobe lights are commonly used to draw attention to potential hazards and other safety issues in noisy environments. They’re also a good choice for public service vehicles, such as ambulances and fire engines, where audible alarms can’t reach everyone.


The strobe LED lights in this category use blue light through the chip to excite yellow phosphors. This creates white light that can be seen at a distance. They can run for over 100 hours on a set of new batteries. The battery life can be extended by using rechargeable AAs or Ni-Cads. The lights also come with a set of three pre-programmed modes.

Another benefit of LED strobes is that they don’t heat up. Conventional bulbs convert a lot of their power into heat and can cause burns if someone touches them. However, the STRB18C stays cool to the touch even after hours of operation. The lights are also designed to be encased in plastic, which helps protect them and make them easy to mount. Once they’re encased and mounted, the right wires have to be attached in order for them to work properly.

LED lights are also much more affordable than Xenon strobes. They’re also less prone to breakdowns because they moving head beam don’t have bulbs that need to be replaced. The STRB18C has 12 LEDs positioned behind magnifying diffuser lenses to produce the best possible illumination. It has a variety of mounting options, including magnetic bases and pole or handle bases. There’s also a push button on the base that can be used to select one of five different flash patterns.


Strobe lights can be very useful, especially on vehicles. They help to highlight important details, making them a perfect addition to emergency response, law enforcement and other road-side vehicles. They can also be used to warn drivers of a potential danger or obstacle, so they can take the necessary precautions. However, these lights can also be distracting and disorienting to other people nearby. This is why Hidden Strobe technology was developed. This technology allows LEDs to internally self-trigger thousands of times per second, creating a continuous light source that is not as bright and distracting as traditional strobe lights.

These lights are also durable and weather resistant. They can withstand extreme temperatures and function in conditions as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a waterproof rating of IP68. They can be affixed to flat surfaces using magnets or suction cups. They can be recharged using an AC adapter or batteries. They come with a variety of flash patterns, including a steady on mode.

It is important to remember that LED strobe lights do not flicker like fluorescent bulbs. The flickering frequency must be below 80Hz to be detectable by the human eye. Flickering frequencies higher than this can cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy. It is a good idea to use a professional when installing these lights, as they can ensure that the connection is safe and secure. A professional will be able to avoid any costly mistakes that may arise from trying to do this job yourself.


Strobe lights are an effective signaling device for vehicles that require extra visibility. They can help to avoid accidents by making the vehicle more visible to other drivers. They can also be used to identify vehicles in areas where sound alerts are not possible or preferred.

LEDs are particularly well suited to high-speed applications. The rapid flashing of a strobe light can “freeze” the image of a moving object, allowing inspectors to see it better without having to stop production at full speed. This can be an important safety feature in applications such as slitter/rewinder inspection and quality control.

Another benefit of a strobe light is that it does not generate as much heat as other types of lights. This means that it is safe to touch even after hours of use. It also makes the strobe light more durable, as it is less susceptible to damage from vibration and shock.

To change the pattern on a strobe light, you need to apply power to its pattern select wire. Once you have selected the desired pattern, you need to cap the wire. You can also install the light with a switch and remote control to easily operate it from your truck or car. It can be controlled via the APP on your smartphone and has various modes, including a sound-activated mode that flashes to the beat of music.

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