LED Strobe Mobile Light

LED Strobe Mobile Light

Unlike traditional bulbs that convert much of their energy into heat, LED lights don’t. This allows them to conserve power for a longer period of time.

People who need to alert others visually might use strobe lights on their vehicles. They might be volunteer firefighters or EMTs or people conducting governmental work on private roads.

Product Description

If you want your vehicle to stand out from the rest, this LED strobe light is an excellent option. It has 36 white 3 in 1 moving head light ultra-bright LEDs that are synchronized to pulse together, creating a stunning lighting effect. There are several different flash patterns to choose from, including a sound activated setting that gets the light pulsing in time with the beat of any music playing.

The strobe light is also equipped with a low profile that allows it to be mounted on top of the roof of your vehicle without affecting clearances. The LEDs inside the housing are protected with a durable polycarbonate lens, and there is an on/off power switch located on the base of the unit.

It uses high-powered 10 watt LEDs to produce an exceptionally bright strobe effect. This puts it well ahead of commonly available LED beacon lights that use 1-3 watt LEDs. It’s visible at over a mile away, even in daylight, fog, or snowy conditions.

If you don’t want to mount the strobe light to your vehicle yourself, ask your local body shop to complete the installation for you. This will ensure that the installation process is completed correctly and safely, preventing any damage to your vehicle or electrical wiring. This is an essential safety measure that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Product Features

Strobe lights are a popular choice for vehicles that need to communicate visually when audible alerts are either ineffective or not possible. They offer a visual, friendly alert that is more effective in loud environments or in situations where people might be concerned about the effect of noise on others. LEDs last longer than xenon based strobe lights and provide a more defined inspection area, eliminating the light spillage that can sometimes compromise visibility.

This strobe light is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be connected to a 12V – 24V power source for permanent or semi-permanent installation with a flange base or temporarily installed on a vehicle with a magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter. Six powerful magnets and a suction cup are included to allow for versatile attachment options.

The STRB36W uses LED lighting, which is more efficient than traditional bulbs. They don’t lose a lot of energy to heat like conventional bulbs, so they remain cool to the touch even after hours of use. You can get a nasty burn touching a disco light after just a few minutes, but this strobe will be comfortable for your hands to the touch after hours of use.

This strobe is easy to set up and comes with a toggle switch that allows you to select your preferred flash pattern. It also has a rate dial that you can use to slow down or speed up the default sequence of flashes, and there is even a sound activated setting that will pace the flashes to match the beat of music you play.

Product Specifications

Strobe lights provide bright, flashing light to alert drivers and others of the vehicle’s presence. They are typically used in situations where audible alerts are impractical or not desired. They can be hard wired for permanent installation or mounted on vehicles using a magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter.

This LED strobe light utilizes high output 10 watt LEDs to deliver bright, attention getting flashes that are visible thousands of feet farther than standard LED beacons. It also features a clear lens and an internal circuitry that provides consistent illumination without the color fade and degradation seen with traditional filament based bulbs.

The strobe light can be cycled through 14 different strobe pattern options during installation by temporarily connecting the white lead to the positive lead. Once the preferred strobe pattern is selected, simply reconnect the white lead and the light will remain set to that option.

This strobe light can be hard wired for permanent installation with its flange base or mounted to vehicles and equipment using a magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter. It is UL Listed and meets CSA requirements and includes a 24V power supply.

The strobe light is rated IP66 for dust and water resistance and comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty. It is a perfect accessory for commercial vehicles, police cars, fire trucks, construction vehicles and other work vehicles where visual safety awareness is required.

Product Options

A strobe light is designed to get attention for safety reasons. It does not offer the visibility that a standard light bar can provide, but it is an excellent alternative that will be less expensive to operate than a full light bar.

The strobe light has a number of options to control the brightness and style of its lighting effects. It can flash in a traditional pattern, or you can set it to pulse according to your own custom rhythm. There is also a sound activated mode that will pace the light to the beat of any music that is playing.

This strobe light is a great option for use in police vehicles, fire trucks, and public service vehicles of all types. It is a small and compact alternative to standard light bars, which are commonly mounted moving head beam on the roof of your vehicle. These lights are also often used by tow truck drivers and construction crews.

This LED strobe mobile light comes with a mounting kit and a cable to connect it to your vehicle’s power source. It is also available in a multi pack that can allow you to equip several vehicles at once, which can be helpful for a large business or organization. This model also has SIP phone extensions for Page, Emergency Alert and Ring, which can trigger the light to flash when voice announcements are made.

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