How to Use Restaurant Signs Outdoor to Increase Foot Traffic

restaurant signs outdoor

How to Use Restaurant Signs Outdoor to Increase Foot Traffic

People often determine where they’ll eat based on what looks good, so restaurant signs outdoor can help you lure in customers. Add a sign that displays your current specials to entice passersby and increase the likelihood they’ll stop in for a bite.

Animated signs can also catch the eye of passersby. Some even offer scrolling text, which is ideal if your specials change frequently.

Lightbox Signs

Lighted signs are one of the best options for business signage, as they help you stand out in the day or night. There are many different types of illuminated signs, including cabinet sign light boxes, back lit signs and even neon. These types of lighted signs are perfect for restaurants and other retails stores, as they give your business name or graphics a defining white space that helps them stand out from the rest.

A common type of lighted sign is the monument sign, which led light box display is great for shopping malls and office parks to help visitors find their way around. These types of lighted signs are freestanding or mounted on the wall and list each businesses in the complex by name and suite number. This allows for easy updating if businesses change their names.

Illuminated signs also include marquee signs, which are a synthesis of backlit and light box signs. They concentrate light in the shape of letters, which gives them a unique and distinctive look, especially at night.

For a more modern approach to lighted restaurant signs, consider outdoor digital signage. These displays let you communicate in real-time with customers, sharing images, text, videos, maps, schedules and more. They’re a cost-effective solution for shopping centers, parking areas, airports, dealerships and other public spaces. Messages can be scheduled to repeat as often as you like, keeping your information fresh and updated.

Hanging Signs

Aside from displaying your restaurant name and key messaging, outdoor hanging signs serve many other important purposes. Depending on your environment and the intended audience, they can indicate different areas, departments, or amenities, which help to improve navigation and customer and staff experience. Additionally, they can communicate important information such as restaurant hours and policies.

Restaurant outdoor signage can also display current specials to drive traffic and brand recognition. The use of humorous quips, puns, and slang, along with customizing the fonts, can really set you apart from the competition.

Whether your business is located inside or outside, a SpeedPro expert will recommend the most effective type of restaurant sign for your needs. For example, vinyl banners are great for bold messaging to drum up interest in upcoming sales or events. Fence banners are also popular for directing people to restaurants at Little League games or rodeos.

For a more permanent option, pylon restaurant signs offer a freestanding LED light boxes manufacturer base that allows your sign to be elevated between 20 and 80 feet in the air to increase visibility from both the street and the primary building entrance. Alternatively, alumalite restaurant signs are lightweight and crafted from quality materials that make them durable and resistant to the elements. They can also be trimmed with edge cap, which not only adds protection to the edges but provides a decorative framed look.

A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs, also known as sandwich board signs, are one of the most effective tools to increase foot traffic for restaurants. These freestanding signs can be used to announce daily specials, happy hour deals and other promotions. Moreover, they can help pedestrians locate your brick-and-mortar restaurant in busy areas. These sidewalk signs can be made out of wood, corrugated plastic or chalkboard, depending on your preference and budget. Our expert design team can create high-quality customized A-frame signs that will capture the attention of passersby and encourage them to step inside.

For restaurants that offer outdoor seating, A-frame signs are a great way to display mouth-watering images of popular menu items to attract attention from customers passing by. Including specific sale items or discounts is an effective strategy to drive foot traffic, and you can even add your social media handles to facilitate online engagement.

A-frame signs are an affordable and versatile marketing tool that can be used indoors or outdoors in most weather conditions, with the exception of extreme heat or wind. They can also be easily folded up for storing and moving around as needed. For best results, make sure the graphics are easy to read and include a clear call to action. For example, using the word “Sale” in all capital letters will grab the attention of pedestrians and ensure they notice your message.

Window Signs

Not all restaurant signs have to be about finding your business, pointing the way or customer and staff safety – some can also be used as decoration. For example, a neon sign makes your restaurant stand out and is visible even on dark days or evenings.

Window signage can be used to display your opening times or to share important information such as food allergy warnings, calorie information and more. It is also a great choice for sharing your menu in your restaurant or showing your customers the specials you are offering. Alternatively, you could use a vinyl decal or window cling to convey your message with an added advantage of being easily removed and replaced.

Regulatory signs are also important for keeping your restaurant up to date with the current health and safety codes. They could be restroom signs, choking signs or maximum occupancy signs. Adding these signs will help ensure that your restaurant is in compliance with the current regulations and will allow you to keep your doors open for business.

Whether you are running your restaurant from a cart in the local park or as part of an urban sprawl, unique and eye-catching signage will help you draw in the crowds. Make your restaurant stand out with a sign that reflects the type of food and service you offer and encourages people to come in.

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