Double Sided Lightbox – Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

double sided lightbox

Double Sided Lightbox – Elevate Your Marketing Efforts

A double sided lightbox is a great tool for businesses to increase brand visibility and make an impact. Its bright LED lighting can capture attention from different angles and enhance the message of a brand.

This 7 ft custom double-sided light box display illuminates your branding, promotions and graphics with striking clarity. Its opal acrylic construction enhances light diffusion, making it an ideal solution for retail environments.

Enhanced brand exposure

Double-sided lightboxes make a compelling marketing tool for grabbing the attention of passersby and establishing a memorable brand experience. These displays are ideal for trade shows and exhibitions, but can also be used in retail environments. They can be freestanding, which allows them haojialightbox LED light box to capture attention from multiple angles and conserve floor space. They can also be suspended from overhead structures, allowing them to reach customers above the crowds.

LED light boxes can be customised to fit any brand’s messaging and image. This makes them a perfect advertising solution for any business, from small local retailers to large national chains. In addition, they are easy to install and can be adjusted as needed. They are durable and long-lasting, and can withstand dust, UV, and other environmental factors.

Unlike traditional lightboxes, SEGO’s sleek aluminum frame sports customizable SEG backlit fabric graphics that wrap edge-to-edge on both sides of the display. Its UL certified LED edge lights are seamlessly pre-installed in the profiles, making it a lightbox like none other. Its even designed for portability, with its robust foam cut carry bag uniquely crafted to ensure optimal protection and organization of all its components.

In today’s visual-heavy marketing environment, it’s essential to stand out in the crowd. Lightboxes can be a great way to do just that. They’re eye-catching and can grab the attention of viewers, even in busy high-traffic areas.

Cost-effective advertising solution

Unlike traditional posters and billboards, double-sided light boxes are able to draw attention day and night. This increased visibility allows businesses to increase brand exposure and boost customer engagement levels. The illuminated displays also save on energy costs and are an affordable advertising option for any business.

The durability and quality of the materials used to produce lightboxes contribute to their long lifespan and cost-effectiveness. They are also able to diffuse light evenly, which prevents shadows and ensures a high-quality visual impact. They are easy to install and can be updated as needed, reducing the overall cost of the display.

A double-sided LED light box is a perfect solution for showcasing your brand or message in retail spaces, exhibitions, or events. It can be hung from the ceiling or other structures, creating a striking visual impact for your audience. These displays are programmable by computer and can display a variety of graphics or animation to promote your company. Many have built-in Wi-Fi technology, allowing you to monitor and update your content from your smartphone or tablet.

When choosing a lightbox display, make sure to use the correct measurements and construction material for the intended environment. A well-constructed frame will prevent moisture and insects from entering the display, ensuring the longevity of the lightbox. The back panel, which is usually made of acrylic, should be cut to fit perfectly within the constructed frame. It is a good idea to measure twice before cutting and to use a saw that can deliver clean, straight edges.


A double sided lightbox offers the unique benefit of being able to showcase different graphics and messages on each side. This versatility allows businesses to target audiences from multiple directions and elevate their brand visibility to new heights. Moreover, these displays can be customised to align with the brand identity and ensure maximum impact.

The opal acrylic panel inserts of this LED backlit light box are designed to diffuse light evenly, ensuring your graphics appear bright and vibrant regardless of the angle from which they’re viewed. The opal acrylic material also helps protect the graphics from dust and direct light, extending their lifespan. This LED lightbox can be mounted vertically or horizontally and comes with a built-in power supply, a low glare lens, and suspension kit.

This display features a lightweight aluminum frame with a smooth exterior finish, two stabilizing feet, and custom SEG dye-sub backlit fabric graphics that slide easily into the frame’s recessed grooves. The frame is UL-certified and the lights have a rated lifetime of 100,000 hours.

The 3ft Illuminated Pop Up Lightbox Display is a sleek and modular solution that eliminates the need for tools during assembly. This backlit SEG fabric display is a cost-effective and easy way to increase your brand’s visibility at trade shows. It’s also easy to transport between locations and includes a canvas carrying bag for added convenience.


A double-sided lightbox is an excellent way to elevate your marketing efforts. It’s a visual canvas that allows you to tell a story that captures imagination and leaves an indelible mark. It can be used for a variety of applications, including retail stores and offices. In addition to enhancing brand exposure, these displays are cost-effective and durable.

The lightweight aluminum frame has a smooth exterior finish and two stabilizing feet to ensure steadfastness. The recessed grooves in the 80mm profile allow for the backlit SEG fabric graphics to be easily installed by pushing them Magnetic Light Box into place. The opal acrylic panels provide an even surface for vibrant illumination and protect the graphics from dust and direct light. The lights are pre-installed in the profiles and are easy to change with magnetic electrical connectors. The display includes a 79″ adjustable hanging kit, integral power transformer and low glare lens.

The LED lightboxes are highly durable and can be hung from different locations. They use energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce costs and deliver high-impact illumination. They’re also easy to install and can be customised for a wide range of indoor settings. They can be used as retail displays, storefront signs, and illuminated directional signage in malls. Whether you’re trying to increase revenue on an ecommerce site or upsell a one-time donation on a nonprofit website, the upsell lightbox is an effective way to engage your audience.

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