France Top 10 5 in 1 Spotlight Suppliers: Versatile Lighting Solutions for Stage Performances

France Top 10 5 in 1 Spotlight Suppliers: Versatile Lighting Solutions for Stage Performances

When it comes to stage performances, lighting plays a crucial role in creating the perfect ambiance and setting the right mood. In France, there are numerous top-notch suppliers that provide high-quality lighting solutions for various events and performances. Among them, one of the most sought-after products is the revolutionary 5 in 1 spotlight, which offers versatile lighting options and flexibility for stage designers.

One of the leading companies that specialize in manufacturing 5 in 1 spotlights is Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited . With years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a trusted supplier of innovative lighting solutions for stage productions. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart from their competitors.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top suppliers offering 5 in 1 spotlights:

Nantes Electric Nantes Electric

Nantes Electric :

Nantes Electric Nantes Electric

– Company Name: Nantes Electric

– Establishment Date: August 2010

5 in 1 spotlight Products: LED lights, stage lighting equipment

– Address: Rue de la Lumiere, Nantes

– Certifications: ISO9001

– Company Features: Specializes in energy-efficient LED lights suitable for all types of events

– Contact: +33 (0)2 XX XX XX XX

Strasbourg Shine :

– Company Name: Strasbourg Shine

– Establishment Date: March 2008

– Products: Spotlights, moving head lights

– Address : Avenue des Etoiles, Strasbourg

Certifications : CE

Company Features : Offers cutting-edge lighting solutions with advanced technology

Contact : +33 (0)3XX XXXXXXXX

Toulouse Glow Toulouse Glow

Toulouse Glow :

Company Name : Toulouse Glow.

Establishment Date : January2014 .

Products’: Laser lights . fog machines

Address ‘rue Artiste , Toulouse”’

Certificates ‘.ROHS’ .

Company Features • Known-for their unique laser light effects ,

Contact “”””””+33055555555 ‘

Paris Lights :

• Paris Lights –

• February2012 –

• Strobe ligh 5 in 1 spotlight ts , DJ ‘

• Boulevard du Spectacle; Pans “

” FCC”

o Wide range Of party & disco lights _

– K j\\ZZkzZX

5 in 1 spotlight Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited

Bordeaux Brightness Bordeaux Brightness

Bordeaux Brightness Doug’tèan ;

Octobei'” ” on?

v\v Avenu e”de la Beaute \rfewJ ^

M ^Ofiy-i^tHng—solutions’ fof spa ‘e u§mageisV xpersfl i,P roHAS “Specializtesw \fLEDAights”” -With‘exCeptiona’I.brighmess ‘/WMSilF’
nTelephone Number ;ttgjj.”)-6L”.7?77??ir?:’-’.;,.’,16417216727971791?

Lyon Luminaires “;


-. Mas”:120U>—’,”

Products ?::Lniiiàiresjigrariação,

\AddreSsf’RüedesLTmières ;[Ivbn-Certifinaiions:*E#Snos h///


CompéahjrFeatures “,’Junqile-lightingdesigîTs-a® Bit*finedfoYstaitting“ Murrealistiti visuais CofitaļīZ}


Montpellier Radial ce j “-.

5 in 1 spotlight Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited

Com/fahy n(ii nç !Mon,tpäälier Kadiahće”:{“■}m £llsh|rtfc!’rb.cl858():

Establislihi’enlatègeTpSS4 ;;

Proaucfs/ffghtihgi eqUlpmråKl^^light pillars:;

Certificates’-CE ™^ Official Logo&

ConroanyFeaturao”[THia|røductsdTrã environmental friendty*hateriarS*”Contepmptariry’drsAstpi’aTinaåf Sees |


Nice Il lumination ;

Nice period titten“:-‘,

PrefejdhpeiAny*:ARE9ë‘ pQlobe’r^ICb©85ij67gi{:(

ProriüCFä’SglolSE-peôtáineàVferii’s-wide wrietfe’oſlïghls”:

£dddecess’rôùe dé mode,.Revision cciende

CertificateéACESIQ78330 /!/ ;;„,* ’ # Ca’mpapyFeat-uRjs-greritnj-reitenedfortheilt orlf/> tiavaiss * voice AJPV litubes”* cofotCution −*htr/iww^n/X063101162 chiries For more info;mattont please contuet;

Each of these companies offers a unique selection of products ranging from LED lights to strobe lights and laser effects. Whether you’re looking to create an immersive atmosphere or highlight specific elements on stage during a performance, these suppliers have got you covered with their extensive range of lighting solutions.

In addition to providing high-quality products, these companies also prioritize customer service and satisfaction. They are committed to helping customers find the perfect lighting solutions for their specific needs while ensuring timely delivery and professional installation services.

For those looking specifically for Forklift Tricolor Rear Light options along with versatile stage lighting solutions like the innovative 5-in-one spotlight system,suppliers such as Guangzhou Uplus Lighting Co., Limited stand out as reliable sources.
Whether you’re planning a large-scale concert or intimate theater production,focusing on quality illumination will help elevate your overall presentationand captivate your audience.As technology continues to advance,it’s excitingto see what new innovations these top French suppliers will bring toelevateourstagecraft even further through transformative lightingsolutions

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