TOP 8 Waterproof Neon Lights Wholesale Providers

TOP 8 Waterproof Neon Lights Wholesale Providers

In the world of lighting design, neon lights have always held a special place. Their vibrant colors and unique glow can transform any space into something truly magical. If you are in the market for waterproof neon lights wholesale, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the top 8 providers who specialize in providing high-quality neon lights at wholesale prices.

Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

When it comes to finding the best waterproof neon lights wholesale providers, it is essential to choose a company that has a proven track record of excellence. One such company is Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer, which offers an extensive range of neon light products suitable for various applications.

ShineCity Lights

– Company Name: ShineCity Lights

– Founded: January 2010

– Products: LED neon flex strip

– Address: 1234 Bright Avenue, Shine City, USA

– Certifications: ISO 9001

– Company Highlights: Innovative designs and competitive pricing

– Contact: [email protected]

Lighting Ever (LE)

Company Name:Lighting Ever (LE)

-Fonded:March 2004

—Products:Waterproof led strips / ne…

-Awards:Distributor BrandTop300,

-Made In ChinaBrand Featured brand ..

-Hot SalesNewest Arrival LE Carnival L…

LuxeNeon Technologies :

Company Name:LuxeNeon Technologies

FoundedinJuly Founder – John Smithfr Headquart…-

Sales Category(what they sale) Waterproo…

Address Waterproof neon lights wholesale TA33 X Street Toronto Canad..Certificate ISOCertified/Lightings&Sign..
Characteristics Best Lighting Awards/American Ligting Senate awardee…

Contact Info @[email protected] Tollfree16093948..

Nexillumi :

Company name-Nexillumi|| ||

Waterproof neon lights wholesale Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

Founded-in October’11 –

Sales|Products-Cheap Neonglow in dark|

Address-RG21 Darkcity Nex AfricaZi.. ||

Award-Winner-Superbrand for adver..


Email-nx[email protected],Call0114489336

Glowrite Glowrite

Glowrite :


Established_On March ’07

SaleCategory_Water & Power Led Strips
LocateAt_347_Energy Road,Dubai,UAE
Certification_(ISI Mark),ISO9001,CQC Certified
Speciality_Lights up.everything Communication_[email protected]

Radiant Luminaires :

companyname_RadiantLuminaries ||
setupinqtr2K13_facemonth -USAnow_VP-XQTelPh…



Found-April12 |


Legitregulator/BureauJack Sibell RegCodeC531452

Waterproof neon lights wholesale Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

FeatureStop quality/nVibration pro…




Business Goods_Trader

Headquarters_UNIT203,North Grntower,London

Legalform_confirmed >IncManufuringassocitaion…
Excellency-betterprices/cost-effective way …
Makean inquiry@linema-neommm.comtoll-fre Waterproof neon lights wholesale eNo6633+++4343…

In conclusion,when looking to purchase waterproof neon lights wholesale,it’s importantto consider factors such as product quality,pricing,and customer service。By choosing from oneof these top8providers——be itShineCityLightsorLuxeneontechnologies—youcan rest assuredthatyouare getting acwholesale providerwithagreat reputationfor supplyinghighqualityneonlights.Theirvastselections alsoensuresthatwhatever your needs may be、thereisa product thatwiisuitsyour specific requirements.Besureto contactthese companiesdirectlyfor moreinformation onthbrproductservicesoffered andget readytodlikeaconsumerboss withyour stunningneotinebcreations!

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