UK Top 5 Neon Strip Manufacturers: Crafting High-Quality Neon Lighting Solutions

UK Top 5 Neon Strip Manufacturers: Crafting High-Qu Neon strip ality Neon Lighting Solutions

Neon strip manufacturers are gaining popularity in the UK for their ability to create high-quality neon lighting solutions that add a unique and vibrant touch to any space. Among the top manufacturers in the country, there are five standout companies known for their professional craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

Sparkle Strip Lights Sparkle Strip Lights

Sparkle Strip Lights

Sparkle Strip Lights is a leading neon light strip manufacturer in the UK, specializing in creating dazzling neon creations that light up any room with style. Founded in 2010, Sparkle Strip Lights offers a wide range of neon strips suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. From customized signage to decorative lighting, this company’s products can enhance any setting with their brilliant glow.

Dazzling Neon Creations

Dazzling Neon Creations is another prominent player in the UK neon stri Neon strip p market, known for its creative approach to neon lighting design. Established in 2005, Dazzling Neon Creations produces a variety of bright light options perfect for adding flair to any space. Their outdoor neon light strips are particularly popular for illuminating signs and storefronts with a touch of elegance.

Brilliant Glow Lighting

Neon strip Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

For those looking for premium quality neon strips, Brilliant Glow Lighting is a top choice among UK manufacturers. Since its inception in 2012, Brilliant Glow Lighting has been dedicated to producing high-end neon lighting solutions that stand out from the rest. With products ranging from flexible LED strips to custom-made designs, this company prides itself on delivering exceptional brightness and durability.

Bright Light Co.

Neon strip Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

Bright Light Co., founded in 2008, is renowned for its extensive range of eye-catching neon strip lights suitable for various applications. Whether it’s accentuating architectural features or creating mood lighting indoors, Bright Light Co.’s products offer versatility and style. Located at 123 Shine Street, London W1A 1AA, this company holds certifications ensuring compliance with industry standards while providing excellent customer service.

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