Italy Top 7 Outdoor Wall Lights Providers: Illuminating Your Outdoor Spaces with Style

Italy Top 7 Outdoor Wall Lights Providers: Illuminating Your Outdoor Spaces with Style

When it comes to outdoor lighting, finding the perfect outdoor sconce lighting can make all the difference in illuminating your outdoor spaces with style. From providing ambiance to enhancing security, outdoor wall lights are a crucial element of any exterior design. In Italy, there are numerous brands that offer high-quality and stylish outdoor wall lights. Among them, MEISUN LIGHTING FACTORY stands out as a leading manufacturer of outdoor sconce lighting and LED Lighting.

MEISUN LIGHTING FACTORY is known for their innovative designs and high-quality products. They have been in the industry for over two decades, providing customers with a wide range of options to choose from. Their products include everything from traditional lantern-style sconces to modern minimalist designs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top outdoor wall lights providers in Italy:

Fontana Arte Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte :

Fontana Arte Fontana Arte

– Company Name: Fontana Arte

– Established: 1932

– Product Categories: Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

– Address: Via Aldo Moro, 33 – Limbiate (MI), Italy

– Certifications: ISO 9001 Certified

– Company Highlights: Known for their iconic designs and use of innovative materials.

– Contact:

Nemo Lighting :

– Company Name: Nemo Lighting

– Established: 1993

– Product Categories: Architectural Lighting

– Address; Via Nazionale Briantea, 29/E – Giussano (MB), Italy

-Certifications; CE Certification

Company Highlights : Speciali outdoor sconce lighting zes in cutting-edge architectural lighting solutions.

Contact :

Axolight Axolight

Axolight :

-company name:Axlolight

-Established ,1996 ,September .

-product categories ;indoor &outdoor lightings

company addresses ;A12B,District A,HeshanIndustrial Zone Jiangmen City,Jiangmen City,Jigsuian Province .information HttpServlet Mapping address .

outdoor sconce lighting MEISUN LIGHTING FACTORY

Certificates;CE certificationFCC ceritification

Artemide :

-company name –

-established December1993

-product categories-floor lamps pendants lampadari ceilingwall

Vistosi ;

outdoor sconce lighting MEISUN LIGHTING FACTORY

NameCompanyName-Vistosi ;

-Yea outdoor sconce lighting r established-Decembrh2010 ;-SellingProducts-lamps indoorlampshade etc;-Address-Piazza Santo Stefano4 Venice Ital”;ContactsPhone:-+39-)0419)53871


-Specialty makers handmade chandelier-basedmagnen So,Glass excelence

Luceplan ;

-name-Luceplunlighting-CSutomer@gmailaddress ;-Estalished time April2002 Prague selling.-productsLamps,chandelers, .

Each brand offers its own unique style and features when it comes to outdoor sconce lighting. Whether you’re looking for a classic design or something more contemporary, these top providers have something for everyone. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with style by choosing one of these trusted Italian brands.

In conclusion,Illuminating your space has never been so fashionable! These companies bring not only light but also art into our lives through their well-designed lampposts.If you’re onthe huntfor thenexperfect light fixture,ladscape designer Melsns Lghtig must be hands-down firstclas choice.LED-LCSOnghtmanufactre iSalso importantbecause they offerlghthat infieldqualityandsaves our electricity bills.”

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