Wall Lights For Bedrooms

Wall Lights For Bedrooms

Whether you’re looking to free up space on nightstands or elevate your headboard, wall lights are the way to go. These stylish and practical fixtures, also known as sconces, are available in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary.

Many feature sleek cord covers that camouflage dangling wires for an elegant look. They can be hardwired for a clean appearance or plugged in when hardwiring isn’t feasible.


Wall sconces with modern looks are a popular choice for contemporary bedroom lighting. Many of these styles offer the option to change the light direction, allowing you to focus reading light in your desired spot. Some sconces also come in different colors to match your room or your favorite piece of furniture.

Adding wall sconces to your bedside can be an excellent way to save space on your bedside table. They can also provide more focused lighting for reading, which is especially important if you’re looking to read at night.

Aside from their practicality, these lighting fixtures also add a touch of elegance to your room. You can choose between modern sconces with clean lines and a sophisticated wall lights for bedroom finish, as well as more traditional designs like this pair of sconces that feature a dark wood mount and black shades.

While a single modern sconce can be used on its own, you can also layer your lighting with a table lamp. This will allow your sconces to shine even brighter. It’s also essential to consider the size of your room when choosing your sconces. This way you can be sure that they’ll fit perfectly on your bedroom walls without making the space feel crowded or cramped.


Designed with period homes and classic room schemes in mind, traditional wall lights offer sophistication and understated elegance. Look for styles with curled arms, round backplates and ivory lampshades to achieve this aesthetic. These fixtures work well with antiques, art and other decor in the same style. They also pair beautifully with modern and contemporary pieces in rooms where the lighting is meant to shine through other accents.

Many of these fixtures offer a mix of functionality and aesthetics, making them perfect for the bedroom. Take the Sculptural Ribbed Sconce from West Elm, for example: This hardwired sconce is a decorative accent piece with a pivoting arm for effortless light direction and a convenient side catchall tray that makes it multifunctional. Alternatively, the Edward Plug-In Sconce from Pottery Barn offers the same functional and aesthetic qualities with an eco-friendly approach.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist approach, opt for flat wall sconces to help draw attention Trimless Downlight to artwork or other features of your bedroom. You can even install a pair of these fixtures on either side of your bed to help free up space on your nightstand. With the right pairing of sconces, you can elevate your space and turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat that’s perfectly in tune with your personal taste. Explore The Top Bedroom Lighting Trends of 2023 for more inspiration.


The decorative bedroom sconces in this collection deliver the illuminating style and functional elegance you want to complement your personal sanctuary. Decorative wall lamps look great above nightstands, providing optimal layered lighting for reading and other tasks. They can be hardwired for a sleek appearance or simply plugged in if your home doesn’t support hard wiring. Determine why you need a wall light and what qualities you want to highlight before choosing the perfect sconce.

For a modern aesthetic, opt for sconces that feature an organic shape and unexpected texture. The rounded, organic sconce from Mitzi by Hudson Valley features an intriguing opal glass shade and an array of finish options for classic or cosmopolitan styling. Alternatively, choose the sleek metal orb wall lamp from Northerncult for a contemporary look that’s part futuristic and part familiar.

For an ultramodern feel, go for a plug-in sconce with a versatile design. The Cylinder Adjustable Sconce from West Elm features a swiveling arm that allows you to effortlessly direct the light. It also comes in several finishes that blend seamlessly with your existing bedroom decor. Alternatively, the Edward Plug-In Sconce from Pottery Barn offers versatility and space-saving convenience. Its streamlined silhouette includes a convenient side catchall tray to help you keep your room tidy and organized. This contemporary sconce can be hardwired or plugged in and is available in various finishes.


Infuse your bedroom with the perfect blend of style and functionality by choosing transitional wall sconces. This home decorating style bridges the gap between traditional and modern styles by retaining some of the decorative ornamentation found in traditional fixtures while incorporating simpler designs and more neutral finishes. Many of these sconces have sleek metal frames and straight lines to convey elegance, while others incorporate elements like wood and brass for a more casual look.

Lights in the transitional style often have frosted glass shades or similar simple detailing to create a visually appealing, classic look. These lights work well with various decor themes and can be used to complement a wide range of color palettes. They can also be used to accentuate dark, moody rooms by using different lighting temperatures and directing the light in specific areas.

Incorporate this stylish style into your home by choosing the Juni Modern LED Wall Sconce from BO-HA. This contemporary fixture features two glass shades that allow you to adjust the direction of your bedroom’s light. The top shade is great for a general area, while the bottom lamp can be used as a reading light. It’s a popular choice for modern bedrooms as it provides a perfect balance of function and design. This light also works well with other bedroom furniture pieces, including nightstands, to create a balanced ambiance that promotes relaxation and enchantment.

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