Moving Light Wash Zoom

Moving Light Wash Zoom

The moving light wash zoom is a powerful LED moving head with a variety of colors and effects. It is a perfect choice for venues that need a bright LED wash.

This fixture from Eliminator Lighting is a great option for small stages and low ceilings. It features seven 12W RGBW LEDs and offers full color control, including a tunable white channel. It also features sound active mode and a built-in automated program.


If you want to add a touch of color and fun to your events, you can use led wash zoom moving head lights. These lighting devices are ideal for large spaces and can be used for a variety of occasions. They also come with a flexible control system to help you achieve high-quality lighting designs for your event. They can be easily transported, and you can adjust their brightness according to your preferences. This makes them a great choice for spas and shopping malls, where they can create a casual atmosphere for your customers.

The MOKA SFX led wash zoom moving head light is a great option for stage lighting, and it can be controlled with a DMX 512 controller. It features a powerful LED engine with a high-quality optical system. It has a high-speed motorized zoom and is easy to operate. It also offers various strobe effects and multiple effect macro functions. It also has a built-in magnetic encoding reset system that can increase the quality of your effects and provide more consistency.

The Stealth Wash from Eliminator Lighting is a compact wash moving head that can be used for small performance areas. Its seven 12W RGBW LEDs can bring energetic full-color control to your show, and the motorized zoom range of 4 to 45 degrees is perfect for low ceilings and small stages. It also has a tunable white channel, so you can choose the right lighting temperature for any situation.


Designed to meet the demands of professional use, MOKA SFX 36*10W led wash zoom moving head is an IP65-rated lighting solution that provides high brightness with a low power consumption. The unit is made from premium-quality materials and features a sleek design, making it easy to handle. It also comes with a noise-free, smooth, and rapid XY-axis movement and positioning function.

It is suitable for a variety of events, including parties and weddings. You can even use it in a commercial space, moving light wash zoom such as a spa or a shopping mall, to create an accommodative atmosphere for your customers. It is important to note that this lighting system is a powerful piece of equipment and should be handled by a qualified individual.


A moving wash zoom is a powerful lighting solution that can be used for various applications. It can be mounted on truss or on a stage and provides an intense light show. It is often used in nightclubs, DJ shows, and other entertainment events. It can be controlled using DMX, which allows you to adjust the settings in real time. It also includes a built-in sound-active function that synchronizes with music.

It has seven 12-watt RGBW LEDs and a motorized zoom, making it ideal for short-throw or long-throw applications. It also has a tunable white channel, which lets you adjust the temperature of the light to match your mood. This is an essential feature if you want to create a unique atmosphere for your event.

Another option is the AZCOLOR 3610. This moving headwash zoom has a high-output and provides a wide wash of static color with smooth edges. Its GOBO projection also makes it great for stage performances. Its strobe and sound-active functions make it a popular choice for event lighting.

Another benefit of a moving wash zoom is that it can be programmed to perform an entire light show. It can also be set to different colors during a single event or for different themes. DMX software and hardware can be used to program the unit to perform a synchronized show. The programmability of these lights can help you save on time and effort, and can enhance the overall look of your stage.


The price of a moving light wash zoom can be very reasonable depending on its features. It can also be a good choice for smaller spaces that need a simple light show. For instance, the Stealth Wash Zoom by Eliminator Lighting is a great option for small stages and low ceilings. It comes with all the essential features and is a solid choice for any DJ or band.

Another excellent LED zoom wash light is the AZCOLOR 3610. This light has an efficient optical system that creates a narrow beam and dyeing effect. It also has a strobe and led moving head light wash function that makes it suitable for nightclubs, KTV, churches, and big stage and performance areas.

It is easy to use and is lightweight enough to take on the road. It can be used in DMX-512 mode, sound active, or show mode and has multiple effects to help you create an amazing lighting design for your next event.

The MOKA SFX 7*40W Zoom LED Moving Head Wash Light lamp is small in size, but high in brightness. It is a great option for any DJ or band that wants to bring an energetic feel to their performances. It also has many control modes, including DMX512, master-slave, voice control, and program self-propelled. This light also has intelligent temperature control for heat dissipation and has a long life.

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