Mini Led Moving Head

Mini Led Moving Head

We have created this mini led moving head with a simple user interface. It has few operating buttons that make it easy to operate and manage. The ON and OFF function keys help you power it on and off quickly.

It also comes with DMX, Master-Slave, and Sound Control modes to meet your various operation needs. This allows you to perform different stage effects with this machine.

DMX Operational

A DMX light is a controllable lighting fixture that can be used to change the color, dim or brighten. DMX is an open protocol that allows multiple lights to be controlled from one console. It has many benefits, including the ability to use different modes and features based on the needs of your show.

Typically, a DMX light is assigned to a starting address that corresponds to its location on the DMX cable run. A typical set-up can use two to four DMX channels. You can even control multiple fixtures in the mini led moving head same way as long as they are all assigned to the same DMX starting address.

Most DMX products are capable of receiving two-way communication (RDM) by changing the dip switch settings. However, if you want to use your DMX controller for other purposes besides lighting, it’s best to buy a product with RDM support. A DMX line terminates with a 120-ohm resistor. This is due to three aspects of a cable: inductance, capacitance, and resistance. Moreover, the protocol is unidirectional. It transmits data from the console to the receivers, not vice versa.

Easy to Operate

The mini led moving head is a lightweight lighting device. It is easy to move around and is safe for a beginner to operate. Its base offers stability that limits its chances of toppling. It also offers a convenient user interface that makes it simple for the user to understand how to use it. You can easily install it on your stage or club and begin using it immediately after a few hours of training.

The device has a bright display screen that provides a clear presentation of the functions and options available to the user. It has different operating buttons, such as Menu, Up, Down, Enter, and DMX out and DMX in. It is easy to connect the cables correctly and power it on.

The machine can illuminate a large space area. This is ideal for venues that hold a lot of people. Its illuminating capacity is enough to cover 1500 meters of space. This will ensure your guests enjoy a wonderful experience at the event. It is also suitable for sports lovers who want to play their favorite game in the dark.

1500 Meters Light Coverage

The mini led moving head is a great lighting device that can be used for a wide range of applications. It has a number of different control modes, including DMX, master-slave, and sound control. It also features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. The menu, up, down, and enter function keys help you manage the various settings of the machine easily. It can be used to perform a variety of effects, including beams and wash lights.

The moving head can cover up to 1500 meters. It is ideal for large commercial spaces and can be used to create a beautiful lighting effect. The machine also has a dimmer and control system that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light.

If you have a hotel business, this moving head is a must-have. It will make your hotel look more stylish and attract more people. This will result in more sales and boost your business. You can also use it for special events like weddings to give them a beautiful touch.

Boost Your Business

It is important to consider the mood you wish to create at different parts of your event when choosing a lighting design. Creating a consistent visual experience throughout the event will improve the overall audience’s enjoyment of the performance. The mini beam light is a great choice for this purpose because it can be easily synchronized with music.

The LED moving head is a must-have for any event that needs stunning illumination. It can be used in hotels, night clubs, restaurants, and any other event venue where people are gathered. Its powerful color-changing features can make any event more memorable for your audience.

Safety Precautions

It is important to follow some safety precautions when using the mini led moving head. These include proper maintenance, inspection, and servicing. These activities ensure that the fixture remains in top condition and operates at full capacity. In addition, they can help prevent the possibility of fire or injury to audience members and performers.

Whether you are hosting a party or looking to boost your business, this EPL 10 lighting device will be an excellent choice. It can illuminate a large area and has a variety of color-lighting options. Its single white light gives you more than 12 hours of illumination, while the mixed colors spectrum offers varying brightness.

It also features a clear LED screen display that makes it easy to operate. This user interface helps you choose the desired channels. You can even operate this lighting device from a distance using the DMX feature. beam moving head light You can also adjust the intensity of the lighting according to your requirements. This feature is a huge bonus for DJs and club owners. It will allow them to save time and energy.

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