Side Curved Neon Light Strip

Side Curved Neon Light Strip

Side bending neon light strip is the perfect solution for many lighting installations. It provides uniform, “dot free” output and is ideal for curved spaces and angled surfaces.

It is important to remember that all linear accent lights, including neon flex and tape-rope hybrid lights, have a maximum lateral and convex bending radius. They should never be forced to bend past these limits.

Color Change

Side curved LED neon light strips provide a unique, eye-catching way to add illumination to your home. These flexible lights can be shaped to fit any space, and they come in a wide range of colors to suit any décor. These lights are also easy to install and can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. They are fully encased in silicone and have an IP66 rating to protect them against moisture and dust.

This type of LED strip is a great option for retail displays, sign lighting, and other curved lighting applications. Its slimmer profile and versatile color options make it a popular choice for highlighting products and signage in storefronts, bars, clubs, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. The lights are also available in a variety of different lengths and can be cut to size.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, LED neon strip lights offer many benefits over traditional bulbs. These lights are long-lasting, energy efficient, and produce less heat than their counterparts. They are a safe, affordable, and reliable alternative to traditional neon lights.

While it is possible to bend Side curved neon light strip the flex LED strip into a variety of shapes, it is important to use caution when shaping them. It is important to not bend them past their natural diameter, as this can damage the LEDs and shorten their lifespan.

Dot Free

Designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, this flexible LED neon strip is a cost-effective way to light a range of spaces. Its innovative patent optical design and meticulously selected LEDs ensure that each strip produces a consistent lighting effect with no fluctuations in luminescence. This allows you to achieve a more artistic and personalized lighting effect in your space. Its built-in protection circuit design also means that even if one LED fails, the others can still keep working without any disruption in the brightness of the strip.

The LEDs within this flex strip are enclosed in a frosted silicone lens, giving the strip a traditional neon look with no visible bulbs or spotting. This makes it ideal for use in signage, storefronts, and other curved lighting applications. Its low power consumption and running temperatures also help to reduce energy costs and make this a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional neon lights.

Designed to be easily inserted into a 4mm wide and 8mm deep groove, the LED neon flexible strip can be mounted on walls or ceilings with clips or glued onto pre-fabricated ledges. It can be operated using a single-color controller, sensor switch, or Wi-Fi app. It comes with a continuous run length of up to 50ft, allowing you to avoid cumbersome wires when installing your project.

Long Lifespan

Compared to traditional neon lights, LED strip lights have an extended lifespan and are more energy-efficient. The LED bulbs are protected inside a silicone cover, which makes them more resistant to dust, dirt and moisture. This means that they’ll keep their brilliant glow for a long time, even after years of use. This is particularly important for businesses that want to maintain a consistent look throughout their premises.

Myledy’s LED neon flex uses top-quality silicon materials and high-performance LED tape, design neon strip which allows you to create eye-catching signage and light features for your business or venue. It’s also extremely durable and can be used for a range of instalment types, including curved installations. It’s also available in a number of lengths, from 1 metre up to 15 metres.

The LED neon flex is also able to resist corrosion, allowing it to be used in harsh environments. It can be installed outdoors and in areas with a high level of humidity, and can still work normally in cold temperatures. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that are looking to install long runs of curved LED tape, or that need the light to be flexible enough to wrap around a variety of surfaces. To help you get started, we’ve put together a guide to installing the LED neon flex. It covers everything from choosing the right length to preparing it for installation.


The flexibility feature of this LED neon flex strip makes it easy to fit into tight spaces, or follow curves in walls or other surfaces. It can also be cut into varying lengths, or even interconnected to other strips to create longer runs of lighting. The flexible silicone housing can be bent horizontally or vertically without damaging the bulbs inside.

This side emitting flex neon LED strip is a great alternative to traditional glass signage, and it’s perfect for curved surfaces. The LED bulbs are positioned in the outer edge of the strip, so you can shape and bend the tape to create wall designs, writing, or squiggles. It is also waterproof, and it can be dimmed using a single color controller or sensor switch.

The LEDs are encased in a milky silicone, which makes the lights look more like the traditional style of neon. This flexible LED lighting is popular for use in restaurants, bars, clubs, retail stores, nightclubs, storefronts, outdoor decks, and interior coves. It’s a safe and energy-efficient way to light up your business, and it can help attract customers and new customers. It’s a great choice for any space that needs a vibrant, eye-catching light. Just be sure to handle it carefully and install it properly, and don’t bend or pull the neon flex strip excessively.

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