Slim Light Box

Slim Light Box

The slim light box is an excellent display solution for promotional items, artwork, and informational displays. It also offers energy efficiency and durability.

Billet heating: The aluminium billets are heated to a specific temperature before being loaded into the die, which has the desired shape and dimensions of the lightbox frame. The cooled and straightened aluminium profile then undergoes the extrusion process.

Easy to change graphics

The slim light box is a versatile display solution that can be used for advertising, promotions, artwork, or informational displays. Its sleek design and bright LED illumination help to capture the attention of visitors and potential customers. In addition, the slim light box is energy-efficient and produces minimal heat, making it a good choice for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

This slim light box has a 3 inch profile and is ADA compliant. Its backlit SEG fabric graphics are printed on a fabric that stretches over the frame extrusions for an edgeless appearance. The graphics can be easily replaced to update the display with new messages or seasonal sales.

One of the most popular uses for slim light boxes is in retail spaces where they can be used to showcase products or special offers. These signs can be backlit to create a visually dynamic effect that stands out in low ambient lighting. The illuminated images can also attract the attention of consumers and increase sales. The LED lights in the slim light box produce a high LUX and have minimal degradation over time, making them an excellent choice for commercial use.

Easy to install

Slim light boxes are a great solution for businesses looking for a dynamic and impactful tool to communicate with their target audience. They can be used in a range of environments, including retail spaces, hospitality establishments, and trade shows. These displays are also versatile in terms of placement, with wall and ceiling mounting options available. They can be fitted with a variety of frame sizes, and include a front-loading poster change system that makes it easy to swap out graphics as needed.

LED light boxes feature a backlit display that accentuates your message or artwork. They are energy-efficient and durable, allowing them to run for a long time without needing frequent bulb changes. They can be easily installed using removable hooks or hanging holes.

This thin 3-1/8” profile SEG fabric light box is ADA compliant and ideal for walls or ceilings. The fabric tension graphics stretch over the frame extrusions, giving the display an edgeless look. Replacement graphics can be ordered to seamlessly update your marketing material over time. Each light box includes a clear plastic cover to protect your posters from dust and damage.


Slim light boxes are a sleek solution to advertising products with bright backlit illumination. Featuring ultra thin frame profiles less than 1″ thick, these display signs are designed to blend in with different settings without distracting from the marketing graphics inside. The LED edge-lit lighting is reliable and durable, and slim light box the frames are front-loading so graphic changes can be made in a snap.

LEDs offer the best combination of performance and energy efficiency, making slim light boxes a smart choice for retailers that want to showcase their products with consistent illumination and reduce the carbon footprint. They are also able commercial light box sign to run 24/7, which is beneficial for businesses that need continuous exposure.

The LEDs in our slim light boxes are etched with a diffusion pattern that allows for an even glow across the acrylic panel. This helps to ensure that your backlit images will look vibrant and clear. The etching pattern is designed to be tighter in the corners and wider in the center, so that it doesn’t create hot or cold spots. It also minimizes glare and light bleed.


An ultra-thin light box combines style with function to create a beautiful and captivating display. It can be used to highlight artwork, advertisements, or messages. These lightweight frames are also durable and easy to install, making them a perfect choice for business use. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your space.

The slim light box’s LED lighting is energy efficient, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. This is a huge advantage because it saves electricity and allows you to keep your message displayed for an extended period of time without causing the lights to flicker or burn out. This is a major benefit compared to traditional fluorescent light boxes, which are heavy, produce a dazzling light, and require frequent bulb changes.

The LED light box has a sleek and elegant profile that complements most surroundings, including office environments. It is ideal for showcasing images, posters, or messages and features a backlight that enhances the image’s beauty. The lightweight aluminum frame is available in black or white and has classic mitered corners.

Aesthetically pleasing

Slim light boxes offer an attractive, modern aesthetic that blends into many environments. They are ideal for showcasing artwork, advertisements, or promotional content in a sophisticated manner. They also offer versatility with customizable sizing options.

LED light box signs are also more energy-efficient than traditional lightboxes, which produce a lot of heat and consume a large amount of electricity. This is important for minimizing the cost of operating and maintaining these displays. Moreover, they emit a more natural light, which is better for human eyes.

Unlike standard lightboxes, which can produce hot and cold spots on the surface, LED slim light boxes are designed to create a more even illumination. This helps reduce the appearance of shadows and enhances the colors of the display.

VISUALS has introduced a new 3 inch thin profile LED light box for backlit SEG fabric graphics. The thin frame is ADA compliant and is perfect for tight areas or narrow cavities. The frame depth is under one inch which allows for easy graphic changes with a snap open and snap shut process. Replacement graphics are also available for seamless graphic changes over time.

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