Illuminated Light Box Poster Frame

Illuminated Light Box Poster Frame

Illuminated poster frames increase the chances of passersby noticing your business’s advertisement. They attract attention and help turn potential customers into clients.

Choose an LED snap frame that will fit 27″ x 40″ posters. These display frames come with a clear overlay panel to protect the graphics from dust and prevent glaring.

Easy to Install

Most people walk by dozens of posters without reading them, but an illuminated poster frame led light box poster frame increases the chances that passersby will stop to take a look. This will increase brand awareness, which is vital for turning passing pedestrians into customers. These illuminated frames can be placed in a variety of locations, including shopping malls, movie theaters, and restaurants.

These lighted frames are ADA-compliant, feature break-resistant acrylic windows, and come with a set of nylon line hanging kits. They also come with an optional dimmer, which can be plugged in and used to adjust the brightness of the LED lights.

Unlike standard paper posters, these displays use bright, high-output LEDs to enhance colors and contrast in your images. This makes them ideal for displaying movie posters and other marketing materials. In addition, they’re easy to install and can be used indoors or out.

LED light box poster frames are a great way to add flair to your business or office. They’re designed with an aluminum frame and a clear acrylic panel, which provides a clear view of your image. The LED display stand is also light and easy to carry, making it a great choice for your business. Its snap-open molding allows you to easily change posters and signs without using specialized tools. The frame is also available in a range of sizes, from A4 to 48” x 96”. These frames can be installed in a number of ways, including wall-mounted and freestanding.


This LED light box poster frame offers a superior quality graphic display for a great price. It has an ultra slim 1″ profile for a clean, modern look and snap frame rails for easy graphic changes. The edge-lit diffuser panel ensures even light distribution and brightness for an ultra bright graphic display. This lightbox is perfect for permanent retail point of purchase, corporate environments, trade shows and more. It is ADA-compliant and includes break resistant acrylic windows for high traffic areas. The back of the frame has a metal Z-bar and mounting holes for wall hanging. The frames also come with a set of clear protective lenses and hanging hardware.

The lighted sign frames have a smart-looking silver finish and classic mitered corners that coordinate well with a wide range of interior settings. They also feature an attractive rounded profile and slim 1.38″ aluminum frame profile. The snap frame design is quick changing and requires no tools. Just open the sides of the display by hand, front load your new poster or signage, then snap shut.

The illuminated frame is a stylish way to promote your business and draw attention from passersby. It uses energy-efficient LED bulbs that last up to 100,000 hours. It also has a dimmer so you can adjust the light levels to suit your environment.


The lightbox poster frame is made of an aluminum and tempered glass combination. This makes it very lightweight and easy to move around. This makes it a great choice for high traffic areas led light box for wall where posters and signs are frequently changed. It also has a low energy cost and long lifespan. This makes it an economical alternative to traditional fluorescent light boxes.

The LED lighting strips on this slim light box are guided through an etched matrix in the acrylic light panel and bounced off a white reflective backer to showcase your poster brightly. The snap open lighted picture frame rails are made of durable aluminum and feature classic mitered corners for an attractive, stylish sign frame that will complement any environment. The frame is only 1.18″ thick and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

You can easily change your poster or signage by simply unlocking the lock on the frame, flipping it open, taking out the PET-G anti-glare poster cover sheet, placing your new poster, and then swinging the poster frame shut again. It takes less than a minute to change the poster. This lightbox poster frame is an ideal solution for retail point-of-purchase, trade show displays, movie theaters, sports facilities, and shopping malls.

This edge-lit poster display fixture uses LED lights that are rated for over 100,000 hours of runtime, providing years of service in your space. Its lighted edges highlight your posters to draw customers’ attention and help you convert sales or increase brand awareness.

Easy to Change Posters

If you are a business owner and want to attract more customers, consider using an illuminated poster frame. These LED display frames are ideal for use in a variety of indoor environments, such as movie theaters, sports bars, casinos, and shopping malls. They also work well as trade show signage. They are easy to install, and you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Unlike standard non-lighted posters, illuminated ones have LED light strips, making them much easier to read. However, these frames can be expensive, especially if you want to make frequent changes. You can avoid these costs by choosing a SwingFrame, which swings open to allow you to change posters without removing the unit from its wall-mounted position. This way, you can always keep your customers up to date.

Another important feature of these displays is their low energy consumption. This saves you money on electricity bills and makes your business greener. You can even get one with a dimmer switch, which will help you to conserve energy and create an elegant look.

These LED snap frames are perfect for displaying 27″ x 40″ movie posters, and come with an anti-glare cover sheet. They are available in black or silver, and are made to withstand heavy wear-and-tear conditions. They are easy to use, and you can mount them horizontally or vertically.

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