Choosing a Moving Head Beam Light

Choosing a Moving Head Beam Light

A beam moving head light is an excellent lighting device that can be used to create a variety of different effects. Its versatility and flexibility make it an ideal choice for theater and other stage productions.

The light can be programmed to match the action of a show and highlight specific scenes. It can also be synchronized with music to add a dramatic effect.


The function of a moving head beam is to create captivating lighting effects that can enhance any performance or event. These versatile lighting fixtures are a must-have for any entertainment professional. However, they can be confusing to use for novices. Fortunately, there are some easy tips to help you get started.

First, understand the different types of moving heads. There are three main types of moving head lights: spot, wash, and profile. Each type has its own functions and applications. Spot moving heads produce a narrow beam of light with a sharp edge. They typically come with a gobo wheel and can be used to project static images or logos. Wash moving heads have a broad beam angle and do not produce as much sharpness or precision as a spot moving head.

Most mobile DJs are familiar with the use of moving head beams, but many are unaware that they come in 3 different types – beam, spot, and wash. Each has its own unique attributes, including stunning patterns and breathtaking colours. For instance, a moving head spot is ideal for highlighting specific elements on stage or projecting still images and logos. It can also be used with a gobo wheel to project a variety of shapes and images. In addition to this, it can be programmed to change color and to move in a variety of directions.


A moving head beam is an incredibly versatile lighting fixture that can moving head beam transform any stage into a visual spectacle. It can produce tight, focused beams of light and can change colors and project patterns. Its versatility makes it popular in theatrical productions and live performances, as well as nightclubs and events. Choosing the right model depends on your unique needs, but a few key features to consider are brightness, beam angle, color mixing capabilities, and movement range. In addition, it’s important to choose a manufacturer that has a reputation for quality and reliability.

When using a moving head beam, it’s important to understand how to program and control the fixture properly. Proper installation includes ensuring that the fixture is securely anchored to the ground, establishing correct connections to power and control systems, and ensuring accurate configuration within your DMX controller. It also involves regularly cleaning the fixture to remove dust and dirt.

Keeping up with industry trends is also important. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and adapt to new technologies that may impact your business. To stay current, read publications like Lighting & Sound America and Live Design. They often feature interviews with lighting designers, allowing you to learn from their experiences and gain insights into the latest technologies. Additionally, you should consider attending a lighting workshop or seminar. These workshops will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.


A moving head beam is an essential component of any stage lighting system. Its ability to produce a highly focused light beam enables it to illuminate large areas and create mesmerizing effects. Its advanced technology also allows for precise control over the movement of the beam, opening up endless creative possibilities for lighting designers. These versatile fixtures are ideal for many types of events and venues.

Hybrid moving heads are a popular choice for theatrical productions, as they can create captivating visual effects for audiences. These innovative lights combine the features of spotlights and wash lights, and offer a range of advanced capabilities such as pan and tilt movement, color wheels, and gobos. They are also equipped with a mechanical dimming shutter and can produce strobe effects.

Beam moving heads are also used in nightclubs and bars to create an immersive atmosphere. They are often synchronized with the music to create a pulsing effect, and can be programmed to display company logos and graphics for an enhanced experience. They are also a popular choice for weddings, as they can be programmed to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

It’s important to understand the basics of a moving head beam light before programming it for a live performance. This includes understanding the power and control requirements, as well as ensuring that all parts of the fixture are functioning correctly. Performing regular maintenance on your moving head light will help ensure that it performs at its best. This will include re-lubricating the motor, cleaning the lens and body regularly, and checking for loose parts.


Moving head beam lights are an essential component of any professional stage lighting system. They provide the perfect balance of power and precision for creating a stunning lighting show that can mesmerize your audience. However, you should be aware of the cost involved with these products before making a decision. The best way to find out how much a moving head beam light costs is to compare the prices of different models online.

The three main types of moving head lights are wash, spot, and beam. Each type has a distinct function and provides its own unique look. For example, wash lights highlight a larger surface area and are ideal for weddings and parties. Beam lights produce a tight ray of light in a cone-like shape, and are often used for eye-catching effects at nightclubs.

Beam moving heads are also very portable and lightweight, which makes them an excellent choice for events that require precise and striking lighting. These units also have a standalone mode, which allows you to adjust their settings without a DMX controller. This feature is useful when you want to control your lights from a distance or during sound activation.

Many of these lights come equipped with a variety of color wheels, focus, and gobo functions. Some can even create strobe effects. They also use a mechanical dimming shutter to custom led screen manufacturer adjust the intensity of their output. Some of these lights also have a built-in display screen and remote control, which make them easy to use and operate.

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